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06 agosto 2011

R.icielli - News !! RHEA skins & EOS eyes.

Rhea skin have 20 make ups, in two packs and 3 tones. Each tone comes with light and dark brow. Rhea skin as sold only as pack, with 10 make ups each one and very atractive price: 495l$ each pack.

Skin: R.icielli - RHEA medium+cleavage_DB/makeup2
Olhos: R.icielli - EOS eyes/emerald#1

Skin: R.icielli - RHEA medium+cleavage_LB/makeup3
Olhos: R.icielli - EOS eyes/gray#1

Skin: R.icielli - RHEA pale+cleavage_LB/makeup8
Olhos: R.icielli - EOS eyes/green#1

Skin: R.icielli - RHEA pale+cleavage_LB/makeup9
Olhos: R.icielli - EOS eyes/honey#1
Cabelo/Hair: Lelutka (no free)

Skin: R.icielli - RHEA tan+cleavage_LB/makeup13
Olhos: R.icielli - EOS eyes/ice#1
Cabelo/Hair: Lelutka (no free)

Skin: R.icielli - RHEA tan+cleavage_LB/makeup17
Olhos: R.icielli - EOS eyes/turquoise#1
Cabelo/Hair: Lelutka (no free)

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